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Category Archive: Workers Comp & Permanent Disability

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The Americans with Disabilities Act and Workers’ Compensation

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990, and it prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, transportation, accommodation, communications and government activities. Essentially, a person is guaranteed equal employment rights no matter their physical or mental impairments, for the most part. If you get hurt […]

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Changes to CA Workers’ Compensation Law: Assembly Bill 2883

Workers’ compensation insurance exists to protect employees who suffer job-related illnesses and injuries. After suffering such an incident, an employee files for workers’ compensation to cover the costs of medical care and wages lost during time the employee must spend out of work. The state of California dictates that every employer must carry workers’ compensation […]

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Injury and Workers’ Compensation in the NFL

Personal injury is an inherent hazard of playing football. The risk of traumatic head and brain injury, torn ligaments, and severe fractures follows all football players throughout their professional careers. The National Football League (NFL) especially places players in danger, pressuring them to return to the field as quickly as possible after an injury – […]

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Hearing Loss: America’s Most Common Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries come in various shapes and forms, from a pulled muscle lifting heavy boxes to catastrophic injury at a construction site. America’s workers are at risk of personal injury in virtually every industry. Federal and state workers’ compensation laws serve to protect injured workers, covering their medical costs and other related losses. Unfortunately, workers’ […]

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Can Obesity Impact Workers’ Compensation?

The obesity epidemic continues to plague America with 37.5% of adults in the United States as obese. Unfortunately this can also cause problems with workers’ compensation. Doctors connect obesity to a variety of health problems, including diabetes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. It also exacerbates the effects of injuries such as back and neck […]

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Exceptions to Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy Rule

California’s workers’ compensation remedy rule has both simplified the system by which an injured worker can receive compensation while also trapping certain injured employees and limiting their options for relief. The state’s exclusive remedy rule means that workers’ remedies for work-related injuries can be limited solely to a workers’ compensation claim against the employer. In other […]

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Workers’ Compensation and Opioid Abuse

The use of opioids in California workers’ compensation claims has declined in recent years, but these drugs still pose a threat to California’s workers. Opioid drugs account for nearly a quarter of all prescriptions filled in the Golden State. A report by the California Workers’ Compensation Institute—an Oakland-based organization—sheds further light on the issue. The […]

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¿Qué impacto tienen las Redes Sociales en Reclamos de Compensación al Trabajador?

  En los últimos años, muchas personas se han sentido confiados discutiendo eventos de su vida personal en el escenario semi-público de las redes sociales de internet. La mayoría de nosotros no lo pensamos dos veces al comentar un evento del trabajo en Facebook, Twitter, u otro foro social. Desafortunadamente, la mayoría de las personas […]

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Technology’s Impact on Workers’ Compensation

Organic foods, healthier habits, and more effective technology enable many people to live healthier lifestyles. This often leads to greater personal and professional satisfaction. In fact, commercial enterprises may start to see some benefits from the impact of technology on workers’ compensation and diminished work injuries. On the flip side, employees may have an easier […]

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Workers’ Compensation and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Coping with a serious medical problem is one of life’s biggest challenges. The stress is magnified when the illness or injury impedes a person’s ability to work. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects some categories of employees in the event of a medical or family emergency requiring a leave of absence. For up to […]

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