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Huntington Beach Oil Spill Business Loss Attorney

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If your business has been interrupted or otherwise financially impacted by the Orange County oil spill, contact the lawyers at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo for assistance today. We understand the devastating impact an oil spill can have on businesses and their financial state, and we can help ease the process for you. Our Huntington Beach oil spill business loss attorneys are passionate about helping you, while also holding accountable the company responsible for causing the oil spill. Contact us today to schedule a free case consultation.

Oil Spill in Orange County

On Sunday, October 3, 2021, more than 126,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean – impacting nearly 25 miles of the coastline in Orange County from Dana Point to Huntington Beach. This was Orange County’s largest oil spill in three decades. The spill originated from a pipeline leak from an offshore platform known as Elly, owned by Houston-Based Amplify Energy Corp. The Coast Guard is investigating if the spill was caused by a ship anchored at the wrong location, striking the pipeline.

The massive oil spill demanded prompt and aggressive action and its response was conducted by 105 government agency personnel. Fourteen boats were involved in oil recovery operations, three Coast Guard boats enforced a safety zone around the oil spill boats, and four aircraft were involved in overflight assessments.

Beaches Affected by the Oil Spill

The following beach closures and advisories have been issued:

  • Laguna Beach closed all of its county and city beaches on Sunday night.
  • In Huntington Beach, city officials have closed beaches between the Santa Ana River Jetty and Seapoint Street.
  • City beaches in Newport Beach remain open, but officials are advising people to stay out of the ocean and await further advisories. Officials closed Newport Harbor and Bayside Beach, which is located within the harbor.

What Types of Industries and Businesses Are Affected By The Oil Spill?

As beaches and fishing grounds across the shoreline of Orange County are shutting down and events are canceled, many businesses from surf shops to hotels to restaurants are facing the devastating aftermath of the oil spill. Orange County’s tourism and recreation industries are valued at over $2.6 billion annually and have the most to lose. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to natural disasters and take longer to recover –  or may not be able to.

Other businesses affected by the oil spill may include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial fisherman
  • The hotel and tourism industry
  • Local businesses in the area including:
    • locally-owned restaurants
    • Gift Shops/ Souvenir Shops
    • Surf Shops
    • Boat rental businesses
  • Property owners and others that suffered damages related to the disaster

Types of Compensation Available

Under the Oil Pollution Act, the company responsible for causing the oil spill can be held liable, and individuals and businesses impacted by the oil spill and its cleanup efforts are eligible to recover financial compensation for their losses.

Types of compensation may include:

  • Real property damages: This is the damage an oil spill causes to fixed property, such as an individual’s land or building.
  • Personal or business property damages: This is the destruction an oil spill causes a movable property – possessions owned by an individual or business (e.g. car, boat, clothing, souvenirs, or artwork).
  • Injuries and health issues associated with the spill and cleanup
  • Loss of business profits and diminished earning capacity: This is money an individual or business lost and may continue to lose in the future due to the oil spill and its effects on their business.
  • Personal income of employees

Additionally, you may have business insurance that should help mitigate the losses or costs to your business.  However, dealing with these insurance companies and making them pay claims can be extremely difficult.  Often, it takes hiring an attorney or law firm to compel them to pay their insured what they are owed.

Contact Our Orange County Oil Spill Business Loss Lawyers

If your business has suffered due to the Orange County oil spill, contact our attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo for the legal assistance you need. Our Huntington Beach oil spill injury lawyers are here to help protect your rights and provide you with more information on what damages you may be entitled to. Contact us today at (714) 783-2205 to schedule your free case consultation, and we will support you during this challenging and stressful time in any way we can.

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