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Category Archive: Temporary Disability & Workers Comp

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What are the Penalties for Not Providing Workers’ Comp to Employees?

The California workers’ compensation program is in place to protect employees in the event of work-related injuries. According to California Labor Code Section 3700, all California employers must provide workers’ comp benefits to employees – any business that employs one or more employees must satisfy this law. The state of California takes the workers’ compensation […]

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California Claims Highest Workers’ Comp Settlement, Again

To date, California holds the record for the highest workers’ compensation settlement values in the country. In March 2017, a workers’ compensation attorney beat his own nationwide record of an $8.9 million settlement with a $10 million settlement. While not every settlement can reach such high thresholds, a lawyer who understands all possible sources of […]

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CA Workers’ Comp IMR Reaches Record High in 2016

The California Workers’ Compensation Institute recently released an analysis of the state’s independent medical review (IMR) process over the past several years. Results of the analysis indicate that the process may not expedite workers’ compensation treatment programs in the way initially thought. In 2016, the volume of IMR requests hit an all-time high despite a […]

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Overview of 2016 WCIRB Report on California Workers’ Compensation

In fall 2016, the state’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) released a report on insurer experiences. The report contains information from nearly all workers’ compensation insurers in the state of California. The report reveals trends and insights employers can use to make informed decisions about insurance coverage and claims. Key Findings in the September […]

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San Bernardino Terror Victims Fight for Workers’ Comp Benefits

A little over a year after the San Bernardino terror attack, victims continue to struggle both physically and emotionally. County employees present at the attack must cope with the aftermath as well as the state’s complex worker’s compensation program. Many of the survivors have turned to legal support to fight compensation claim delays and denials. […]

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What is California Workers’ Compensation Medical Mileage?

California’s workers’ compensation laws serve to protect employees in the event of workplace injuries and accidents. Workers’ comp mandates that an employer’s insurance company must pay for an injured worker’s medical costs and other expenses related to the injury, as long as the worker sustained the injury during work-related tasks. One type of reimbursement an […]

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Can you get workers’ compensation benefits for PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects approximately 7.7 million Americans annually. It can be brought on by wartime experiences, abuse or an attack. Its effects are often debilitating and can lead to many other issues such as anxiety and depression. If PTSD is brought on by something that happens at work, you can file a worker’s compensation […]

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Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for Food Poisoning?

Workers’ compensation benefits provide medical treatment and make up for lost income after an employee suffers an injury at work. This can also extend to illnesses an employee contracts due to the nature of his or her work. One gray area that many employees wonder about is food poisoning. In any workers’ compensation claim, the […]

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Changes to CA Workers’ Compensation Law: Assembly Bill 2883

Workers’ compensation insurance exists to protect employees who suffer job-related illnesses and injuries. After suffering such an incident, an employee files for workers’ compensation to cover the costs of medical care and wages lost during time the employee must spend out of work. The state of California dictates that every employer must carry workers’ compensation […]

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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Injuries from Distraction?

Distractions on the job have become more and more common with the advent of mobile technologies and smartphones, with assistance from apps like Candy Crush and Pokémon GO. The hype that surrounded Pokémon GO was followed quickly by news reports of injuries including vehicles striking pedestrians playing the game, drivers using the app behind the […]

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