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Category Archive: Workers Comp & Permanent Disability

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Workers’ Compensation for Off Duty Work

A lot of men and women display acts of great heroism in the face of danger. In the recent devastating shootings in Las Vegas, off-duty officers sustained serious injuries ushering people to safety. Those men and women were not technically injured in the line of duty, but they saved lives because it was their job. […]

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Different Types of Settlements in Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation benefits exist to help injured employees manage their medical expenses and lost wages after suffering on-the-job injuries. Every state has unique laws for workers’ compensation, including which employers must maintain insurance coverage. When an employee suffers a work-related illness or injury, he or she may then file a claim to manage the financial […]

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Is Marijuana Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Marijuana rescheduling and legalization have been hot topics of public discussion for many years, and several states, as well as the District of Columbia, have passed legislation decriminalizing marijuana use and providing access to medical marijuana for qualifying patients. While this trend is helping grow a burgeoning industry and offering patients with various medical conditions […]

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Workers’ Compensation Under Single-Payer System

In the face of a changing political field, attacks on labor, and the issues with how the nation treats its injured and ill workers, California lawmakers believe they may have found a solution. Despite Washington pushing for a market approach to healthcare, Sen. Toni Atkins of San Diego and State Sen. Ricardo Lara are going […]

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Overview of 2016 CA Workers’ Comp Losses and Expenses

Annual reports regarding the California Workers’ Compensation Program’s losses and expenses can help the state see where the greatest payments occur in the system. These reports keep track of yearly program spending and compare data across different financial categories to see where the state could make improvements. The 2016 Report by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance […]

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Common Workers’ Compensation Acronyms

The California Workers’ Compensation Program is an excellent resource for injured employees throughout the state. It provides an outlet for financial recovery to any employee injured during job-related activities – without requiring the employee to prove anyone else’s negligence or go to court. To file a claim under the workers’ comp system for a recent […]

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Can Inmates Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

In California, certain categories of prison inmates are able to earn very small amounts of money and credits toward early release by working for government agencies or private companies, either inside or outside the walls of the institution. One of the main ways the state’s prisoners are put to work is as firefighters, combating the […]

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Different Types of Pain and Workers’ Compensation

Pain. We all think we know what it means—but do we? You know what it means to you, but pain is subjective. Everyone feels it differently, and the manner in which it is experience reflects the particular physiological and psychological make-up of the individual, the trigger for the pain, along with other underlying factors that […]

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Is Suicide Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

The workers’ compensation program in California provides an outlet for workers that suffer illness or injury during job-related tasks. Workers’ compensation also covers losses incurred from the death of a worker, with money given to the surviving family members. While there is no need to prove fault to receive workers’ comp coverage for accidental job-related […]

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What Is AB 221?

Workers’ compensation exists to help injured workers cover their medical expenses and lost wages after suffering an illness or injury on the job. Many people do not realize that most states’ workers’ compensation laws also cover “cumulative” injuries that develop over time, such as herniated spinal discs from consistent bending and lifting, and carpal tunnel […]

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