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Category Archive: Workers’ Compensation Fraud

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$40 Million Workers’ Compensation Scam Uncovered in Orange County

In Orange County, California, police have charged a number of pharmacists, doctors, and business owners in one of the largest workers’ compensation fraud rings in the county’s history. The alleged orchestrators of the operation, couple Christopher and Tanya King, face several felony charges. If the courts convict Tanya King of all charges, she may face […]

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CA DIR Suspends 7 Workers’ Comp Providers for Fraud

In February, the California Department of Industrial Relations suspended seven medical providers from the California workers’ compensation system. The DIR was able to suspend these providers thanks to Assembly Bill 1244. This bill, which passed the California legislature in 2015, requires the Division of Workers’ Compensation administrative director to suspend any party convicted of fraud […]

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Postmates To Pay Retroactive Workers’ Comp Premiums

The gig economy represents a potential boon for both workers and employers. As interest in contract work rises, so do questions about employment and employer sponsored benefits. A recent audit in Washington State revealed that one popular delivery startup may owe the state more than two years’ worth of workers’ compensation premiums. Employers must follow […]

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New Workers’ Compensation Laws Reduce Delays and Improve Anti-Fraud Protection

Workers’ compensation exists to ensure that any employee who suffers injuries at work will not have to shoulder the costs of medical treatment or lose expected income from time spent out of work. When employees file for workers’ compensation, their insurance company (typically the employer’s insurance group that provides medical coverage to the employer’s employees) […]

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