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Anaheim Clergy Abuse Lawyer

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People have come forward all over the country with allegations of sexual abuse committed by priests in the Catholic Church. A significant number of church sexual abusers have been identified in the Diocese of Orange, including 20 perpetrators in Anaheim, CA alone. If you are a survivor of church sexual abuse in Anaheim, contact DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo today at (714) 783-2205. Our Anaheim clergy abuse lawyers are tough advocates for victims of sexual crimes in California.

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  • Our trial lawyers have a successful track record in the courtroom. Our Anaheim clergy abuse attorneys will not hesitate to take your case to trial if necessary to recover the compensation you deserve.
  • We have more than 40 years of experience handling sexual abuse and other personal injury claims in California.
  • Our experienced Anaheim personal injury attorneys have recovered more than $750 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Who Are the Catholic Church Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse in Anaheim?

Priests and clergy of the Diocese of Orange accused of sexual abuse in Anaheim include:

  • Gregory Atherton, O.S.M. – Servite High School (1961-1967)
  • Lawrence J. Baird – St. Anthony Claret (1975-1977)
  • Santino Casimano (Casamino) – St. Anthony Claret (1979-1980)
  • Richard T. Coughlin – St. Anthony Claret (1968-1972)
  • Donald Duplessis (Duplessius), O.S.M. – Servite High School (1966-1967); Servite Priory of the Seven Holy Founders (1968-1975)
  • Robert C. Foley – St. Justin Martyr (1981-1983)
  • Jerome M. Henson, O.P. – St. Anthony Claret (1990-1991)
  • Patrick J. Hill – St. Boniface (1969-1972)
  • Edgardo (Edgar) Arrunataegui Jimenez – St. Anthony Claret (1990-1991)
  • John Peter Lenihan – St. Boniface (1983-1995)
  • Daniel J. Murray – St. Boniface Church (1985-1995)
  • Patrick F. O’Dwyer – St. Boniface (1924)
  • Father Michael P. Pecharich – San Antonio del Canon Church (1980-1983)
  • Timothy (Tim) Ramaekers – St. Justin Martyr Church (1990-1993)
  • Eleuterio V. Ramos – St. Anthony Claret Church (1985)
  • John (Jon) “Jack” E. Ruhl, C.M. – St. Anthony Claret Church (1980-1981)
  • Joseph (Joe) Sharkey, O.S.M. – Servite Priory of the Seven Holy Founders (1968)
  • John A. Sheahan – St Justin Martyr (1966)
  • Gerardo Jarencio Tanilong – St. Boniface Church (1995-1996)

What Is the Independent Compensation Program?

The Independent Compensation Program is an independent claims settlement program designed to compensate survivors who were sexually abused as minors by priests of the following Dioceses:

Who Is Eligible for Compensation from the Program?

Individuals eligible to participate in the Independent Compensation Program are those who claim to have been sexually abused as a minor by a priest from one of the Diocese listed above. In the case of a survivor who is still a minor, the claim may be filed by a parent or guardian authorized to serve as the minor’s legal representative.

How Does a Survivor File For Compensation?

To file for compensation under the Independent Compensation Program, you must first register on the program’s website, then report the sexual abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agency and submit a copy of the report to the administrators of the program. You will receive a claim form to complete and for which you must provide documentation to substantiate your claim. Your claim is submitted to the administrators of the program in the pre-paid self-addressed envelope provided in the packet.

Why You Need an Attorney in Anaheim

If you are filing a claim for church sexual abuse with the Independent Compensation Program, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced Anaheim priest abuse attorney. Our Orange County personal injury lawyers will investigate and substantiate your claim, protect your rights, and help ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

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