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Orange County Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

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Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs are a leading cause of traffic accident fatalities throughout California each year. At DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo, we are here to help if you need an Orange County drunk driving accident attorney by your side. If you or somebody you love has been injured due to the actions of an impaired driver, we want to make sure that you recover the compensation you are entitled to. We will not hesitate to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers or at-fault parties.

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Why Choose DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo

  • At DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo, our team has a track record of success. For more than 30 years, we have helped injury victims throughout California recover compensation for their losses.
  • We understand the devastation that drunk drivers can cause, which is why we focus solely on our clients as we work to recover the compensation they need.
  • Our team handles Orange County drunk driving accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that clients will not have to pay any legal fees until we recover compensation for their claim.

How Will an Accident Attorney Help This Claim?

Drunk driving accident claims can be challenging, particularly when it comes to recovering full compensation. A lawyer will use their resources to conduct a complete investigation into the impaired driving incident. This includes speaking to eyewitnesses, obtaining police reports, obtaining the driver’s blood alcohol test results, and examining video surveillance and photographs from the scene.

Additionally, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County will handle all communication and negotiations with insurance carriers or legal teams involved. If necessary, a lawyer will fully prepare the claim for trial in front of a jury.

Compensation Available After a Drunk Driving Accident

During the latest reporting year in California, more than 27,000 individuals sustained alcohol-related crash injuries (California Office of Traffic Safety). Any driver who sustains an injury caused by a drunk driver should be able to recover various types of compensation for their losses. This includes, but is not limited to, the following types of economic and non-economic damages:

  • Coverage of all emergency medical expenses
  • The costs of any follow-up medical treatment or surgeries
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Prescription medications or medical devices
  • Lost income if a victim cannot work
  • Various out-of-pocket losses
  • Property damage expenses
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Physical pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages

The total amount of compensation available to drunk driving accident victims in Orange County will vary depending on a range of factors. This includes the severity of the injuries, the level of property damage, as well as whether or not there was any shared fault for the incident.

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If you or somebody you care about has been injured due to the actions of a drunk driver in Orange County, reach out to the team at DAM Firm for help today. We have extensive experience handling complex car accident claims throughout California, and we know what it takes to help recover compensation for your losses.

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