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Diamond blades are used throughout the construction industry, on a variety of power tools and on saws designed to cut into the hardest of materials, stones and metals. The most common uses for diamond blades are with circular saws, band saws and gang saws. The blades are very strong and hold up to thousands of hours of cutting very hard materials like tiles, asphalt, concrete and more. The other materials that can be cut by diamond blades include marble, granite, bricks, masonry, gems, and much more. It is also critical that employers setup the work area and tools in such a way that employees are not inhaling dangerous and sometimes life threatening dust from the materials and metals they are cutting. Many types of metallic dust can cause injuries, lung injuries, cuts and other harmful side effects if employees are exposed to them. It is important for all supervisors and general contractors to make sure that each employee is trained on how to safely use diamond blades.

diamond blade: definition

Diamond blades are among the strongest types of blades being manufactured. They are usually called upon to cut the hardest of materials like semiconductors metals and stone. For better blade life and to keep the dangerous dust down, many diamond blades are used with water. This also prevents overheating of the blade but it can be dangerous around electric saws or equipment. Some of the main companies that produce products and tools that utilize diamond blades include Makita, DeWalt, MK, Rockwell, RotoZip, Skill, D-Tec, Bosch, Freud, Fein, Norton, Anytime Tools, and GranQuartz. Another important note is that the entire blade is not made of diamonds as usually only the end of it has diamonds affixed to it.

diamond blade injuries

Diamond blade injuries happen almost every day in this country. Some can be prevented like when employers remove the safety guards from their diamond blade tools so that the employees can work quicker. This and other modifications away from the manual are very dangerous. Some of the possible injuries from diamond blade work accidents include finger amputation, deep cuts, hand amputation, eye injuries, cuts from flying shards, lung injuries, dust inhalation, broken bones, head injuries, and more. We hope that the injury that you have sustained while working with a diamond blade is being treated and we hope to help you be whole again.

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