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Orange County Hammer Injury Attorneys

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Hammers are one of the oldest tools around but they still are very popular, very useful, and very effective at causing injuries. Hammers can probably be found in most tool belts of construction workers, carpenters, and craftsmen throughout the country. Though they are very common, employers still need to train workers on how to use them safely and prevent injuries. Contact our Orange County hammer injury attorneys if you have been injured on the job.

Definition & Types of Hammers

A hammer is a hand tool that delivers an impact to a nail, metal that is being forged, or any other object. It typically has a long handle that has a weighted head. There are many types of hammers including carpenter’s hammer, claw hammer, lump hammer, club hammer, knife-edged hammer, rock pick, geologist’s hammer, stonemason’s hammer, mallets, splitting maul, cross-pein hammer, cross pein pin hammer, joiner’s mallet, Warrington hammer, straight-pein hammer, soft-faced hammer, ball-pein hammer, mechanic’s hammer, drilling hammer, construction hammer, sledgehammer, upholstery hammer, ball peen hammer, framing hammer and many more. There are also hammers that are powered including the power hammer and the powered nailer. Do be careful to also use the striking face of the hammer instead of using the side of the hammer head or a check. There are many types of hammers for a reason. Make sure your employer provides you with the right type of hammer for the job and insist on a nail punch when working with fine nails or nice finishes.

Hammer Injuries

Many injuries that are caused by a hammer can be prevented by employers if they adequately trained their employees on safety and how to do a carpentry job properly. Employers need to inspect all of their hammers and tools constantly for loose hammer heads, cracked handles, and all other hammer defects or tool defects. Some of the potential injuries from hammer accidents include finger injuries, thumb injuries, hand injuries, head injuries, back injuries, wrongful death, bruises, and more. More tragic injuries can happen when a hammer falls or is dropped from above. If you got hurt while at work, our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers will make sure to handle your workers’ compensation case as well as look into any third parties who are also at fault such as the manufacturer of your hammer or other tools. Let us assist you and your loved ones during this tough time.

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Our OC injury lawyers at the Law Offices of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have helped people who have been injured by hammer accidents for over three decades so we have the experience to help you win in court and get the maximum legal compensation.

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