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Orange County Faulty Wiring Injury Attorneys

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The reason there are many standards, rules, and regulations for how buildings, outlets, fixtures, and machines are wired is that accidental electrocutions can cause serious injuries and wrongful death. Wiring is either done right with the utmost safety in mind or it is faulty and dangerous. Faulty wiring and split wires cause many deaths, injuries, and shorts every year in California and they happen due to negligent mechanics, repair personnel, homeowners, renters, workers, construction crew, and many others. If you or a family member has had a bad experience with faulty wiring, contact our faulty wiring injury lawyers in Orange County today for a free consutlation.

What is Faulty Wiring?

Faulty wiring is when the positive, negative, or ground wires are not correctly installed, insulated, connected, tied down and/or flowing properly. It is important that even when sealing up a fixture, electrical box, or electrical device, that the electrical tape, electrical wire nuts, or soldering will still be attached and solid upon completion of the job. Symptoms of faulty wiring are inoperative electrical devices, flickering lights, surges in electrical power, and fluctuating power bills that may be much higher than normal. Faulty wiring can lead to fires, accidental electrocutions, and more. Though the average person considers the definition much broader, electrocutions are when an electric shock creates a condition in which the heart stops. Due to the amount of water and electricity in a restaurant, faulty wiring has caused fires in some restaurants. The negligent acts that can cause faulty wiring can be done by electricians, subcontractors, general contractors, mechanics, maintenance staff, previous homeowners, or coworkers.

Types of Electrocutions

Most electrical outlets in California power 110 volts but the larger outlets for appliances like ovens and air conditioners power 220 volts. Electrocutions are considered low voltage if less than 500 volts travel into the victim’s body and high voltage if more than 500 volts hurt someone. High voltage accidental electrocutions from faulty wiring can cause major injuries. The severity of the injury also depends on the path the current travels, the type of electrical current (DC / direct current or AC / alternating current), and the amount of voltage that was discussed earlier.

Faulty Wiring Workers’ Compensation

If faulty wiring has caused an employee to get hurt while in the scope of their employment, they and their families have rights and are protected under the state workers’ comp laws. Employers are required to not penalize an employee in any way who files a workers’ compensation claim. They are also required to allow employees to have reasonable accommodations when the employee returns to work. Our firm is very experienced at taking care of work comp claims and investigating every accident for all responsible parties including third parties who were also at fault. Our hard-working faulty wiring lawyers have over three decades of experience in maximizing the types and amount of compensation that thousands of their clients have been awarded.

Our Orange County Faulty Wiring Attorneys Are Here To Help

The Orange County work injury lawyers of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo are ready to help you in and out of court right away regardless of the severity of your faulty wiring injury. Call us today at (714) 783-2205 to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We are willing to come to you if you cannot make it to our office. We are well known throughout California and Orange County as lawyers who work hard for their clients. We will go for the maximum possible compensation for your personal injury or work injury and you will not have to pay us until and unless we win your case. We are available to meet during normal office hours or by on the weekend and in the evening by appointment. Our personal injury attorneys will be with you all the way.

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