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Jig saws are used for cutting curves since most regular saws are more designed for cutting straight lines. They typically now come as power tools though they started out as hand tools. You are able to cut straight lines in them but it is difficult to make the lines extremely straight over a long distance. Jigsaws are usually used at construction sites, at lumber yards, at home, by contractors, by carpenters, by woodworkers and elsewhere. Due to the speed and sharpness of the blade, they can cause serious injuries.

jigsaw definition & types

Jigsaws cut wood using reciprocating saw blades that are powered up and down by an electric motor. These days, jigsaws can be powered by a battery and be cordless or they can be the type that needs to be plugged in. Due to the shape of the blade, some manufacturers have given jigsaws the name of “bayonet saws.” Most jigsaws have a bevel function that allows them to cut angles up to about 45 degrees. The types of blades that are used with jigsaws vary quite a bit and you choose a blade based on the type of project you are doing. There are thinner blades (which are used for tight cuts and curves), push stroke cutting blades, cranked blades, various numbers of TPI blades, and blades meant for cutting softer materials. Some of the manufacturers of jigsaws include Bosch, Vermont American, Black and Decker, Ridgid, Ryobi, DeWalt, Milescraft, Makita, Milwaukee, and Porter Cable.

jigsaw injuries

Due to the fact that jigsaws are a must for any workshop and the fact that they are one of the most popular power tools on the market today, there are a high number of jigsaw accident injuries each year. Some of the possible injuries from jigsaw accidents include finger amputation, eye injuries, lacerations, cuts from flying wood or splinters, scrapes, deep cuts that need stitches, and much more. We hope that your injury is not too severe and that you call us to help you with your legal case.

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We at the Law Offices of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have helped people who have been hurt from jigsaw accidents since 1979 so we have the unique experience that is needed to help you win in court and get the maximum legal compensation for your injury. This is true for either workers’ compensation, third party injury cases, product defect cases or personal injury cases. Call us today at (888) 516-8530 to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation.