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Orange County California Dump Truck Injury Attorney

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Dump trucks are used to carry literally tons of garbage, wood, equipment, dirt, sand, rock, stones, gravel, or other material on possibly unpaved roads and through tough conditions. Regardless of their task, dump truck drivers need to be trained by their employers on safe driving and operations including the limits to how much they can carry and how to pack an even and stable load. Sadly, injury rates on construction sites are still high and this includes that of dump truck drivers and the people they run over, hit, or hurt. Being injured by a dump truck can cause catastrophic injuries and all dump truck crush victims should be seen by a doctor or surgeon as soon as possible. Consult with our Orange County, California truck injury lawyers today for a free consultation of your case.

Dump Truck: Definition & Types

There can be numerous types of dump trucks on a construction site. All can cause very serious injuries. The basic design is the same though: A bed or container for materials and an ability to lift the container or bed to let the load slide out of the dump truck to where it needs to go. They are often loaded by heavy equipment like cranes or shovel trucks. The most common types of dump trucks to cause accidents include transfer dump trucks, side dump truck, dumper trucks, gravel trucks, hydraulic dump trucks, articulated dump truck, superdump truck, truck and pups, semi-trailer end dump truck, semi trailer bottom dump truck, double trailer bottom dump truck, triple trailer bottom dump truck, off-road dump truck, winter service dump truck, garbage trucks and others. People can be hurt by a dump truck in the blink of an eye so always be sure to be cautious while working around one.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

It is important for all employers, general contractors, sub contractors and supervisors to fully train all employers and workers who will be using any type of dump truck on the proper way to use that specific model and type and how to maintain it optimal safety. Some of the main causes for crush dump truck accidents are from dump trucks tipping over, dump truck drivers not paying attention, dump truck drivers view blocked by cargo or bad weather, dump trucks colliding with shelves, aisles, and buildings, dump trucks being overloaded, dump truck brakes not working, defective brakes, dump truck’s load slipping out or falling onto someone, dump truck operators not using horns or their headlights, dump truck drivers being drunk or intoxicated, dump trucks being driven with back end elevated, backing up negligently, improper or unused mirrors, faulty backup beeping or alarm, dump truck going too fast, dump truck going uphill or downhill without proper safety techniques, dump truck’s load shifting or falling off, pallets breaking, and dump truck driver distracted by texting, cell phones, walkie talkie or discussions or arguments with coworkers or supervisors.

Workers’ Compensation in a Dump Truck Accident Case

Being rolled over or dumped upon by a dump truck happens mostly at work and construction sites. Employees and their families have rights and are protected under the workers’ comp laws in California. Employers are required to not penalize or fire an employee who files a workers’ compensation claim. Our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers are very experienced at taking care of work comp claims and investigating every accident for all responsible parties including third parties who were also at fault. A construction site has many third parties including the many subcontractors, building owners, land owners, and contactors. Our hard working dump truck accident attorneys have over three decades of experience of maximizing the types and amount of compensation that are received by our clients.

Orange County California Dump Truck Injury Lawyers

The work injury lawyers at the Law Offices of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have represented and helped people who have been driven over by a dump truck for over three decades so we have the experience to help you win in court. This is true for workers’ compensation, third party injury cases, product defect cases, dump truck defect cases or personal injury cases. Call us today at (714) 783-2205 to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We will go for the maximum possible compensation for your on-the-job injury or personal injury.

You will not have to pay our firm until and unless we win your case. We have been working this way for over thirty years and our clients like it because they know for sure that we are motivated to do our best to win their case. It also shows our clients that we believe in our ability to win cases. We look forward to representing you and protecting your rights in and out of court.

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