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Construction Crush Injury Attorneys in Orange County

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Construction sites can be very busy with workers, engineers, power tools, heavy equipment and construction vehicles moving about very quickly with their own purpose in mind. They are also one of the most dangerous work sites. This is especially due to the size and speed of the machinery and the nature of the job. Many times, foremen do not have enough people working whose job it is to monitor traffic and safety. Accidents are common at construction sites due to negligent acts, coworker accidents and people rushing and cutting corners. Crush accidents can happen because a coworker’s view on a piece of equipment could be limited or the driver could be distracted, on the phone or not paying attention. Being crushed or hurt by a piece of construction equipment can cause major injuries and all crush victims should be seen by a doctor or surgeon as soon as possible. If you have been injured in this kind of accident, contact our Orange County construction crush injury lawyers.

Potential Accidents Where Someone is Crushes

There are many types of heavy equipment on a construction site. As you may already know and as we have seen during the past 30+ years, all can cause very serious injuries. The most common types of equipment that have crushed someone are tractors, trucks, trenchers, pile drivers, bulldozers, graders, cranes, backhoes, dump trucks, concrete trucks, catwalk collapsing, pallet collapsing, equipment falling over, roller compactors, excavators, vibratory compactors, steam shovels, street sweepers, harvester, front shovel, punch press, asphalt paver, lowboys, road roller, road compactors, tunnel boring machines and more. People can be crushed, smashed, hit with, lacerated or rolled over very quickly so be sure to be cautious while working or at the construction site.

Causes for Being Crushed on the Job

It is important for all employers, general contractors, sub contractors and supervisors to fully train all employees, laborers and workers who will be using any type of construction equipment on the proper way to use that specific model and type and how to maintain it for optimal safety. Some of the main causes for crush accidents are from operators not paying attention, equipment operator’s view blocked by cargo or bad weather, equipment or worker hits tree roots, animals, tree stumps, boulders, farm equipment, pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, electrical lines, construction equipment, and foundations, heavy equipment being overloaded, load shifting suddenly, brakes and stopping mechanisms on machines not working, defective brakes, workers and operators being drunk or intoxicated, machinery being used negligently, operators not using horns when going around blind corners or other dangerous situations, and workers who are tired or distracted by texting, cell phones, walkie talkie or conversation with a coworker. Our experience in construction accident law has taught us that there are usually a variety of factors that lead to traumatic accidents and that it takes experienced Orange County work injury attorneys to investigate and litigate for them all to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible under the law.

The large majority of construction accident injuries happen at work and construction sites. Employees and their families have rights and are protected under the workers’ comp laws in California. Employers are required to not penalize or fire an employee who files a workers’ compensation claim. There are other protections that the law provides so be sure to either research those or call our firm for a free consultation on your rights and legal options. Our firm is very experienced at taking care of work comp claims and investigating every accident for all responsible parties including third parties who were also at fault. A construction site has many third parties including the many subcontractors, land owners, and contactors. Our hard working crush accident attorneys have over three decades of experience maximizing the types and amount of compensation for our clients.

Bilingual Orange County Construction Injury Lawyers

For over thirty years, we have provided top notch service to our clients in both English and Spanish. Call our bilingual Orange County construction injury attorneys any time of the day or night and you will get a bilingual attorney or staff ready to help you.

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