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For over thirty years, the criminal lawyers at the Orange County law firm of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have fought hard for those accused of crimes. The consequences of a conviction are dire and they affect your entire family for a very long time. A guilty decision could come with severe fines, many years in prison, loss of your current job, a life of limited job opportunities, decreased health, and everything else that comes with having a criminal record. To avoid all of that, you need a lawyer with the experience and winning track record who understands just how important this case is for you and your family. We are ready to help you and we know how the decisions you make today and this trial can potentially have ripple effects throughout your family for generations to come.

Choosing the Right Criminal Lawyer Is Critical

You only get one chance to present your case and protect your rights. Our firm is unique in that we approach each client and their case like they were a part of our own family. Our criminal attorneys only work on criminal cases and are ready right now to start helping you. Don’t put your case, your life and your future into the hands of lawyers who have not proven that they can win criminal offense cases. We have won cases on behalf of our clients since 1979.

You Are at a Disadvantage

With the police, the investigators and the state all coming at you with their enormous resources, you deserve to level the playing field with our law firm. We will put our experience, team and resources behind you. We will walk step-by-step with you all the way. The charges brought against you are serious so your defense should be ready and more than just adequate. Our firm will work tirelessly for you and your family with all available resources.

Upfront and Honest At All Times

Our top lawyers will always be upfront, ethical and honest with you. We will break down all of your options openly with you in precise and easy to understand language. We will work to prove your innocence while also working to get your charges dropped or reduced.

types of criminal cases

Our criminal lawyers have seen it all over the past thirty-plus years. This includes successfully helping those who have been charged with misdemeanors, felonies, first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, military cases, domestic violence, drug offenses, probation violations, white collar crimes, assault and battery, traffic tickets, DUI, theft, reckless endangerment, and much more. We also have a vast amount of experience representing juveniles in criminal cases and expunging records. In cases that warrant it, we look into alternatives to jail and lessening sentences.

your right to silence

Each and every person has the right to silence. This includes investigations by police, investigators, the FBI and the courts. Do not be embarrassed and do not get intimidated into giving up that right. It is critical for the success of your case that you do not speak until a lawyer is present who is on your side. This includes any situation where you may be tempted to do so. We will be fully on your side so be sure to call on us any hour of the day or night and wait for our assistance.

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Please call us today regardless of whether you feel that you have a strong case or not. We can break down the merits of your case and review your legal options with you so you know exactly where you stand. Being accused of a crime can be very stressful. Our law firm is considered by many to have the best criminal attorneys in the area who will work hard to reduce the stress and get you the best outcome to your case possible. All initial case evaluations and consultations are free. You will speak with and meet an attorney. We will be committed to winning on your behalf.

We Will Come to You

The criminal defense attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo are available to meet at our Orange County office, your home, the police station, the prison or hospital room Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. Our attorneys and staff are also available all other times, including evenings, Saturday and Sunday, by appointment. Let our team help you and your family during this difficult time.

Covid 19 Update: We are accepting new cases and we handle everything electronically and remotely, so our clients never have to leave their homes.