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Diocese of San Jose Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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Sexual abuse is one of the most emotionally and psychologically devastating crimes for survivors. It can cause long-lasting issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts far into adulthood. If you are a survivor of clergy sexual abuse within the Diocese of San Jose, our San Jose clergy abuse attorneys from DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo can help. We can review your clergy abuse case, gather evidence, and help you go up against the diocese in pursuit of justice and compensation.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • We provide peace of mind. We respect how difficult it can be to bring up trauma from your past. Our Diocese of San Jose clergy abuse lawyers aim to provide lasting peace and closure using tailored legal counsel.
  • We do not back down. Our personal injury lawyers have resolved over 18,500 cases. We are not afraid to take personal injury claims to trial or go up against powerful entities such as the Diocese of San Jose.
  • We offer reasonable fees. Our contingency-fee-based legal services are fair and affordable for all claimants. We only charge attorney’s fees on clergy abuse cases we win.

Why Involve a San Diego Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

Whether you have never been able to forget your clergy abuse incident or only recently recalled the reason behind the emotional and psychological struggles you have always endured, we can help you move forward. The priest abuse lawyers at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo in San Jose can handle your claim with the care and delicacy it deserves. From setting you up with mental health professionals to fighting to obtain justice on your behalf, our lawyers can be there for you each step of the way.

How Prevalent Is Clergy Abuse in the Diocese of San Jose?

Within the Diocese of San Jose, 19 individuals are currently facing accusations of sexual misconduct, abuse, and other sex crimes. Being accused of a crime is not the same as a conviction. The public can use this information, however, to spread awareness of the issue. The Database of Publicly Accused Priests lists the names of 19 clergy members in San Jose involved in previous or ongoing cases.

  • Alexander C. Larkin (sued)
  • Angel Crisostomo Mariano (convicted)
  • Arthur Harrison (settled)
  • Benedict Van der Putten (accused)
  • Charles Leonard Connor (convicted)
  • Don D. Flickinger (settled)
  • Edward Thomas Burke (convicted)
  • George Moss (accused)
  • Hernan Toro (convicted)
  • John Rodrigues Moniz (convicted)
  • Joseph Dondero (accused)
  • Joseph T. Pritchard (settled)
  • Laurent Largente (accused)
  • Leonel C. Noia (convicted)
  • Noel Senevirante (accused)
  • Phil Sunseri (accused)
  • Robert A. Gray (convicted)
  • Thomas Bettencourt (accused)
  • William C. Farrington (accused)

Priests and other clergy members involved in potential sex abuse lawsuits in the Diocese of San Jose may owe survivors financial compensation for their losses. Losses listed in a lawsuit could include physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental harm, psychological damage, post-traumatic stress disorder, and legal fees. If you are a clergy abuse survivor, you could be eligible for financial relief.

How Long Do You Have to File in California?

Clergy abuse and other childhood sexual abuse claims come with strict deadlines in California. In general, you have 8 years from your age of majority (18) to bring a civil lawsuit against a person or entity for financial compensation. In some situations, however, you may have three years from the date you discovered the harm instead. Sexual assault claims come with 10-year deadlines. Trust our Diocese of San Jose clergy abuse lawyers to carefully review your case and give you an accurate estimate of your specific deadline.

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You do not have to live with feelings such as guilt, shame, fear, distrust, depression or anxiety as a survivor of clergy abuse. Let our San Jose Diocese priest abuse attorneys help you acknowledge the abuse and bring the responsible parties to justice in San Jose. We may be able to help you achieve your legal goals after years of living alone with your experience. Your identity can remain confidential throughout your entire case. Start with a cost-free evaluation with one of our lawyers. Request yours online or call (714) 783-2205 today.

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