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Diocese of Stockton Clergy Abuse Lawyer

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The decision to start a conversation about clergy abuse is yours. At DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo, we encourage survivors of clergy abuse in the Diocese of Stockton to come forward in pursuit of justice by keeping their identities entirely confidential. You can remain anonymous throughout the entire claims process if desired – even during a civil lawsuit against the Diocese of Stockton. We may be able to assist you during your clergy sexual abuse claim, starting with a free consultation.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Clients come to us when they want results. Our personal injury attorneys have won more than $750 million on behalf of injured parties.
  • Clients trust our experience. We can put decades of legal work to use for you, going up against the Diocese of Stockton with proven tactics.
  • Clients get legal representation for $0 upfront. Our Diocese of Stockton clergy abuse lawyers do not charge any fees upfront. You only pay when we win.

Should You Hire a Stockton Clergy Abuse Lawyer ?

At our law firm, we believe in helping clients, not making claims more difficult. We realize many sexual abuse survivors refrain from hiring lawyers due to misconceptions about price. At DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo, we only deduct attorney’s fees from compensation awards won – and only if we win. Do not let legal fees stop you from obtaining the justice you seek. Come to our firm for honest, passionate, and dependable legal services at no upfront costs.

Which Priests Have Faced Public Accusations in the Diocese of Stockton?

Spreading awareness and educating the public about clergy abuse is important to prevent this crime from occurring in the future. One way to hold perpetrators accountable and inform the public is with a published online database of all accused priests. According to this database, which obtains allegation information from media sources, 13 individuals in the Diocese of Stockton, CA may be involved in sexual misconduct cases.

  • Frances Arakal, Carmelite. (Sued)
  • Antonio Camacho, Diocesan. (Accused)
  • Didacus Clavell, O.F.M. (Accused)
  • Murty M. Fahy, Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. (Accused)
  • Julio Cesar Guarin-Sosa, Diocesan. (Not Guilty)
  • Michael E. Kelly, Diocesan. (Indicted)
  • Editho Mascardo, Diocesan. (Reinstated)
  • Antonio Munoz, Diocesan. (Accused)
  • Oliver Francis O’Grady, Diocesan. (Convicted)
  • Oscar Pelaez, Diocesan. (Convicted)
  • Eduardo Perez Torrez, Diocesan. (Accused)
  • Leo Suarez, Diocesan. (Accused)
  • Ferdinand Villalobos, OFM Franciscan. (Sued)

Accusations against religious personnel in the Diocese of Stockton include molestations, sexual abuse, assault and child pornography. Throughout the state of California, hundreds of clergy members have made the list of publicly accused priests. Clergy abuse is a rampant problem that has impacted thousands of survivors.

Your Rights as a Survivor

As the survivor of clergy sexual abuse, you may have suffered the effects of the incident your entire life. You might deal with mental, emotional and psychological challenges daily. You might spend thousands of dollars on therapy. You may want to bring a sexual predator to justice without concern for whether you are eligible for compensation. Whatever your goals are, you may be able to achieve them with a civil lawsuit.

A lawsuit against the Diocese of Stockton could potentially end in a positive settlement or verdict in your favor. This could give you the closure or peace of mind you have needed since the incident occurred. A lawsuit can hold wrongdoers accountable, exposing their names for the rest of the community to see. Finally, it could result in financial relief for you and your family to compensate for your losses and punish the defendant.

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You do not have to accept clergy abuse without a fight. You can speak out against this crime based on your own experience as a survivor, behind a veil of anonymity if you wish. Let our lawyers be your voice during a claim against the Diocese of Stockton. We can help you hold perpetrators and larger religious establishments accountable for what happened to you and so many others. Start your case with a free consultation in Stockton. Schedule yours today online, or call us at (714) 783-2205.

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