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Diocese of Santa Rosa Clergy Abuse Lawyer

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Religious institutions unfortunately provide settings in which sexual predators can groom targets such as children and youth. Priests, bishops, and deacons can take advantage of their positions of trust in the establishment to abuse or assault their targets. If you are the survivor of clergy sexual abuse in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA, the law may entitle you to financial compensation, even if the incident occurred years ago.

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Why Trust Us With Your Claim?

  • We operate under the highest standards of client confidentiality.
  • We know how to handle claims involving diocese negligence or fault for abuse.
  • Our personal injury attorneys in Orange County have a track record of obtaining positive results for clients, with over $750 million won.
  • We have Diocese of Santa Rosa clergy abuse lawyers who have dedicated their lives to bringing sexual abuse perpetrators to justice.
  • We take clergy abuse claims on a contingency fee basis in Santa Rosa.

Services We Provide in Santa Rosa

Our firm’s commitment to sexual abuse survivors in the Diocese of Santa Rosa means information, resources and one-on-one assistance with these claims available at our office. We recognize the obstacles survivors often face in the pursuit of justice and aim to overcome them, starting with making the claims process 100% confidential for clients who wish to remain anonymous. Our priest abuse lawyers can perform many other tasks for clients as well, from filing the initial lawsuit to arguing for fair compensation from the diocese. We advocate for clients’ best interests.

Religious Authorities Accused of Misconduct in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA

In an effort to hold accused priests and other members of the clergy accountable for their actions, the Database of Publicly Accused Priests makes clergy abuse information available to the public. The people in this database who are facing allegations may not necessarily be guilty or civilly liable. The information can still, however, make citizens in Santa Rosa more aware of this issue.

  • Alfredo Sobalvarro (accused)
  • Anthony Bolger (sued)
  • Bernard Ward (convicted)
  • Donald Wren Kimball (convicted)
  • Francis E. Neville (accused)
  • Francisco Xavier Ochoa (indicted)
  • Gary Timmons (convicted)
  • James Walsh (accused)
  • John A. Meenan (accused)
  • John J. Brenkle (cleared)
  • John K. Rogers (accused)
  • John S. Crews (accused)
  • Michael Emmet Kelly (accused)
  • Patrick A. Hannon (accused)
  • Patrick Gleeson (sued)
  • Patrick Joseph McCabe (convicted)
  • Ron Wiecek (accused)
  • Ted Oswald (sued)
  • Vincent O’Neill (settled)
  • Wilfred L. Sheehy (accused)
  • Xavier Pallathuparambil (accused)

Whether or not the individual you believe assaulted or abused you is on this list, you have rights as a survivor. You have the freedom to come to our firm and tell your story in complete confidence. We can help you expose a sexual abuser in the Diocese of Santa Rosa and fight for financial compensation for you and your family. A civil lawsuit against an individual and/or the diocese could give you the resolution you have been seeking.

Filing a Claim for Clergy Abuse in Santa Rosa

You may have grounds for a claim against the Diocese of Santa Rosa if it breached a duty of care to you and this contributed to the sexual abuse incident. Covering up known incidents of prior child abuse, for example, is an act of negligence that could point to diocese responsibility for damages. The diocese could owe you compensation for damages such as emotional suffering, mental anguish, and more. If you think you may have a claim, speak to a Diocese of Santa Rosa clergy abuse attorney right away. California has a strict time limit for filing sexual abuse and assault claims you do not want to miss.

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Our attorneys genuinely care about your past and your future. We help clients find strength, have a voice in the civil justice system, and achieve the results they need to move forward after a traumatic incident such as clergy abuse. If you are a survivor of clergy sexual abuse from the Diocese of Santa Rosa, find out if our lawyers can help. Call (714) 783-2205 or contact us online for a confidential and free claim review.

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