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Posted By DAM Firm | March 7 2024 | Workers Rights, Workers' Compensation

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Mental Health in Nevada?

The workplace can be incredibly stressful. In fact, some workplaces are so hard on us that they affect our mental health. Data shows that nearly one-fifth of workers in the U.S. rate their mental health as poor or fair. These workers report approximately 4 times more unplanned absences due to their mental health than do…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 18 2024 | Workers Rights, Workers' Compensation

What is NOT Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

If you or somebody you care about has been injured on the job in Las Vegas, you will likely be able to recover specific workers’ compensation benefits. In general, this will include coverage of any medical expenses you incur as a result of the workplace injury, as well as lost wage replacement if you are…

Posted By DAM Firm | December 12 2023 | Workers Rights, Workers' Compensation

Evidence Used in a Work Accident Case

If you sustain an injury in the workplace, workers’ compensation insurance benefits should pay for your medical expenses and even a major portion of your lost wages if you cannot work while recovering. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance, but that does not mean the case will be without complications. It is important to know…

Posted By DAM Firm | November 2 2023 | Workers Rights, Workers' Compensation

How to Request Medical Accommodations at Work

If you are an employee with a disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), then there may be a need for you to request medical accommodations at your place of employment. The ADA provides legal protections for individuals who have mental or physical disabilities, and one of these protections is the right to…

Posted By DAM Firm | April 5 2023 | Workers Rights, Workers' Compensation

How to Appeal Your Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim in Nevada

Sustaining a workplace injury can lead to significant setbacks, but individuals are typically able to recover compensation. The workers’ compensation system in Nevada is robust, but there are times when claims get denied. This can lead to significant challenges for an injured worker. Here, we want to discuss how to appeal a denied workers’ compensation…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 10 2022 | Nevada, Workers Rights

10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance, particularly when it comes to preventing injuries. Workplace injuries can lead to significant physical, emotional, and financial setbacks for employees. Here, Our Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorneys discuss the top ten workplace safety tips that every employee in Nevada needs to be aware of. You deserve…

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