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Posted By DAM Firm | March 10 2016 | English

Independent Medical Reviews in California

When a dispute is raised regarding a denied workers’ compensation claim, the original medical treatment is evaluated through California’s independent medical review (IMR) program. The recently reformed law addresses any injury that occurred in the past. Many states process workers’ compensation claims through the court system, but by allowing physicians and healthcare experts to asses…

Posted By DAM Firm | March 9 2016 | Spanish

Puestos de Control de Conductores Ebrios atrapan más Inmigrantes Sobrios que Conductores Ebrios

Artículo 16-11   Muchos Departamentos de la Policía Municipal rutinariamente montan Puestos de Control de Conductores Ebrios para identificar y enjuiciar a conductores ebrios.  Un reporte del respetable Programa de Reportajes Investigativos de la Universidad de California reveló que estos “puestos de control” tienen mucho más éxito aprisionando vehículos de inmigrantes sobrios que arrestando conductores…

Posted By DAM Firm | March 9 2016 | English

Drunk Driving Checkpoints Trap More Sober Immigrants Than Drunk Drivers

Article 16-11 ¡No Se Deje! Many Municipal Police Departments routinely set up Drunk Driving Checkpoints to identify and prosecute drunk drivers.  A report by the well respected Investigative Reporting Program of the University of California revealed that these “checkpoints” are much more successful at impounding the cars of sober immigrants than arresting drunk drivers.  As…

Posted By DAM Firm | March 4 2016 | English

Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

The use of alcohol or drugs can complicate a workers’ compensation case, but it does not usually prevent an employee from collecting benefits. Whether you are concerned about the prescription your physician gave you for chronic pain or you have a history of recreational drug and alcohol use, this is what you need to know….

Posted By DAM Firm | March 1 2016 | Spanish


  Artículo 16-10   A Romina Aida Zadorian, que hacía negocios como RZ SERVICES, se le hicieron 106 cargos de delitos graves (felony) incluyendo gran robo, falsificación y robo de identidad y también de practicar la ley sin licencia y hacerse pasar como abogada.   Los cargos criminales acusaron a Zadorian de operar un negocio para…

Posted By DAM Firm | March 1 2016 | English


Artículo 16-10 ¡No Se Deje! ® Immigration Consultant Gets 10 Year Prison Sentence For Defrauding Immigrants   Romina Aida Zadorian, doing business as RZ SERVICES, was charged with 106 felony counts including grand theft, forgery and identity theft as well as practicing law without a license and impersonating an attorney.  The criminal charges accused Zadorian…

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