How to Document Evidence After a Personal Injury

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Posted By DAM Firm | October 29 2020 | Personal Injury

How to Document Evidence After a Personal Injury

Evidence in a personal injury case is what you will use to prove your claim. You will need enough evidence to establish someone else’s fault or liability for your accident and injury. Knowing what evidence to collect after a personal injury, and how to improperly collect it, could help you build a stronger claim. Types…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 28 2020 | Personal Injury

How Is Liability Determined in a Personal Injury Case?

Liability on a legal level means accountability for an accident or injury. In California, the civil courts will have a negligent party answer for his or her actions by holding that party liable for an injured victim’s damages. If an accident in California injures you, you will bring a personal injury case against the party…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 27 2020 | Personal Injury

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make as an injured plaintiff. While the law does not require you to have legal representation, hiring an attorney can be critical to the success of your claim. An attorney will have the experience you lack in…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 26 2020 | Car Accidents

Can I Receive Compensation for a Whiplash Injury?

Any injury sustained in a car accident must be taken seriously. Whiplash is often thought of as a minor injury that does not need much attention, but the reality is that this type of injury can lead to significant setbacks for a victim. Here, we want to discuss whether or not you can receive compensation…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 23 2020 | Car Accidents

What if You Are Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

Vehicle accidents are not something any driver or passenger wants to experience. Unfortunately, crashes are not uncommon in and around our area. These cases can become immensely more complicated if you are struck by an uninsured driver. Here, we want to discuss the steps you can take in the aftermath of a crash involving an…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 22 2020 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Do I Need to Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company?

Vehicle accidents are often scary and confusing experiences for those involved. This is particularly true if there have been any injuries or fatalities as a result of the collision. In the aftermath of a crash, most parties involved will be dealing with insurance carriers when it comes to securing compensation for losses. You may be…

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