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Posted By DAM Firm | May 22 2019 | Personal Injury

Can You Sue If a Dog Bites Your Dog?

Our furry friends are some of the most important companions we have in our lives. We want to protect our dogs and keep them safe from harm – but what happens if another dog bites your dog while you’re out for a walk? You can sue a person if his or her dog bites you,…

Posted By DAM Firm | May 15 2019 | News, Personal Injury, Product Liability

Roundup Hit with $2 Billion Verdict for Causing Cancer

Less than 12 months after a jury in Northern California awarded $289 million to a man who contracted cancer from exposure to Roundup, another Northern California jury awarded $80 million to a man diagnosed with cancer that was linked to the use of Roundup around his home.  A third notable trial was recently submitted to…

Posted By DAM Firm | May 8 2019 | Workers Rights

Can You Cancel a Workers Comp Claim?

Suffering an injury in the workplace can be damaging to your body and to your pocketbook. Luckily, California offers safety nets in the form of workers’ compensation to help you pay for your injuries and collect wages even after you take leave from work. However, not everyone wants to see workers’ compensation claims to the…

Posted By DAM Firm | May 1 2019 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Can I Claim Personal Injury If I Was at Fault?

Everyone makes mistakes behind the wheel sometimes. Whether your kids in the back seat momentarily distracted you or accidentally sped through a red light, driving mistakes occur to the best of us – but sometimes, they can lead to severe accidents and injuries. If you were at fault for the accident, you could still receive…

Posted By DAM Firm | May 1 2019 | child abuse, News, Spanish

Justicia para Víctimas de Abuso Sexual Infantil

Justicia para Víctimas de Abuso Sexual Infantil por Jess J. Araujo   Existen algunas lesiones que son tan severas y extremas que no existe un remedio perfecto para compensar adecuadamente a las víctimas o para quitar los efectos permanentes del daño sufrido. Tal es el caso de niños víctimas de abuso sexual y violación. Estas…

Posted By DAM Firm | May 1 2019 | English, News

Justice for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Justice for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse By Jess J. Araujo There are some injuries that are so extreme and severe that no perfect remedy is available to adequately compensate the victim or to remove the permanent effects of the harm suffered.  Such is the case with child victims of sexual abuse and rape.  These…

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