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Posted By DAM Firm | September 26 2019 | child abuse, Clergy Abuse, English, Spanish


Setareh Khatibi tells her story of sexual abuse and overcoming, in the form of a poem she wrote in both English and Spanish. CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE- HOW I OVERCAME IT The most important video I have made to date.This is the story of a little girl they called Estrellita. I hope that you find healing…

Posted By DAM Firm | May 1 2019 | English, News

Justice for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Justice for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse By Jess J. Araujo There are some injuries that are so extreme and severe that no perfect remedy is available to adequately compensate the victim or to remove the permanent effects of the harm suffered.  Such is the case with child victims of sexual abuse and rape.  These…

Posted By DAM Firm | February 5 2019 | Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Abuse, English

The Push for Accountability for Priest Abuse

Throughout the country, Catholic Dioceses are releasing the identities of priests and clergymen who committed deviant acts of abuse against children. In late 2018, the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, vowed that the Catholic Church will never again cover up clergy abuse.  While the Catholic Church’s position under Pope Francis has been one…

Posted By DAM Firm | February 4 2019 | English, Product Liability

Verdicts and Lawsuits Against Roundup for Causing Cancer

The once popular weed-killer Roundup, commonly used by homeowners, landscapers, and farmers, has been linked to an increased risk of developing cancer, and more specifically, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  The molecule “glyphosate” is the active chemical in Roundup that was once thought to be harmless, but it is now at the center of lawsuits nationwide against Bayer…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 20 2018 | English, Personal Injury

Route 91 Shooting Update

Over the past few days, MGM Resorts International, the Mandalay Bay Resort Group, and its subsidiaries have sued thousands of victims of the Route 91 Las Vegas concert shooting in Federal Courts in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, New York, and Alaska.  MGM’s unprecedented move to sue victims of its negligent conduct is based…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 3 2018 | English, Product Liability

Defective Hip Implants Lead to More Surgery

The FDA has issued warnings on Metal-on-Metal hip implants Many patients who received these hip implants (Wright Conserve, Stryker Rejuvenate, DePuy ASR, and DePuy Pinnacle) are experiencing an allergic reaction to metal debris from the implants, soft tissue damage, pain, loosening of the implant, limited range of motion, noise from the hip joint, and failure…

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