Can Obesity Impact Workers’ Compensation?

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Posted By DAM Firm | July 27 2016 | English

Can Obesity Impact Workers’ Compensation?

The obesity epidemic continues to plague America with 37.5% of adults in the United States as obese. Unfortunately this can also cause problems with workers’ compensation. Doctors connect obesity to a variety of health problems, including diabetes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. It also exacerbates the effects of injuries such as back and neck…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 26 2016 | Spanish


Artículo 16-31   Si usted pide dinero prestado para comprar un vehículo, el banco o compañía financiera requiere que usted firme un contrato de préstamo. Estos contratos son documentos muy largos que intimidan y contienen muchos términos y condiciones que están diseñados para proteger al prestamista o compañía financiera.  Una de las protecciones más importantes…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 26 2016 | English


Article 16-31 ¡No Se Deje! If you borrow money to buy a vehicle, the bank or finance company requires you to sign a loan agreement. These agreements are long intimidating documents that contain many terms and conditions that are designed to protect the lender.  One of the most important protections that the law and the…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 20 2016 | English

Exceptions to the Exclusive Remedy Rule

California’s workers’ compensation remedy rule has both simplified the system by which an injured worker can receive compensation while also trapping certain injured employees and limiting their options for relief. The state’s exclusive remedy rule means that workers’ remedies for work-related injuries can be limited solely to a workers’ compensation claim against the employer. In other…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 19 2016 | Spanish

SIEMPRE LEA LOS DOCUMENTOS ANTES DE FIRMARLOS Esposa confió en su Esposo y perdió pensión de por vida

Artículo 16-30 Elpidia Braza confió completamente en su esposo, Emiliano Braza.  Cuando él la llevó al banco y le pidió que firmara un formulario frente a un Notary Public, ella rápida y gustosamente accedió.  Elpidia Braza NO LEYO EL FORMULARIO ANTES DE FIRMARLO.  Ni el Sr. Braza ni el Notary Public le explicó para qué…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 19 2016 | English

Always Read Documents Before Signing Them: A Story

Article 16-30 ¡No Se Deje! Elpidia Braza trusted her husband, Emiliano Braza, completely.  When he drove her to the bank and asked her to sign a form in front of a Notary Public, she quickly and gladly complied.  Elpidia Braza DID NOT READ THE FORM BEFORE SIGNING IT.  Neither Mr. Braza nor the Notary Public…

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