What is Wage Theft?

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Posted By DAM Firm | July 28 2017 | English, Workers Rights

What is Wage Theft?

Southern California workers beware. Wage theft is rampant in our state. If you think being hired for a job automatically means that you can count on receiving a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work, think again. Unscrupulous employers are all around us. Wage theft is illegally avoiding paying workers what is owed to…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 24 2017 | English, Workers Rights

Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation for an Injury from a Fight at Work?

Fights in the workplace are not all that uncommon, and occasionally injuries occur. While workers’ compensation typically covers any injury that occurs in the course of performing one’s work, any deliberate or illegal act on the part of the injured person will generally preclude that person from receiving benefits. Fights between employees can pose a…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 21 2017 | English

Can Inmates Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

In California, certain categories of prison inmates are able to earn very small amounts of money and credits toward early release by working for government agencies or private companies, either inside or outside the walls of the institution. One of the main ways the state’s prisoners are put to work is as firefighters, combating the…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 11 2017 | English


Article 17-19 ¡No Se Deje! Child abuse is an enormous problem in our society.  Child abuse includes physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse as well as neglect.  Statistics reveal that child abuse and neglect violations have been increasing for many years.  A report by the CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION CENTER indicates that in a given year…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 11 2017 | Spanish


  Artículo 17-19 El abuso infantil es un problema enorme en nuestra sociedad.  El abuso infantil incluye el abuso físico, emocional, verbal y sexual, así como también la negligencia o fallar en proveer las necesidades básicas de la vida.  Las estadísticas revelan que las violaciones por abuso infantil y la negligencia han estado aumentando por…

Posted By DAM Firm | July 11 2017 | English

U.S. Supreme Court Says Police Have No Duty To Enforce Court Orders To Protect Any Individual

Article 17-18 ¡No Se Deje! Jessica Gonzales sued the city of Castle Rock, Colorado because the Police refused to take action to enforce a court restraining order against her violent husband.  The court protective order required Simon Gonzales to stay away from her home and her children and also stated, “Police shall use all reasonable…

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