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Category Archive: Car Accidents

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Can I Claim Personal Injury If I Was at Fault?

Everyone makes mistakes behind the wheel sometimes. Whether your kids in the back seat momentarily distracted you or accidentally sped through a red light, driving mistakes occur to the best of us – but sometimes, they can lead to severe accidents and injuries. If you were at fault for the accident, you could still receive […]

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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in My Car Accident Case?

When a negligent driver causes a car accident and injures another driver, the injured driver will likely pursue legal action to recover his or her losses. Some losses are easy to calculate, such as economic losses like medical bills and lost income from missed time from work while recovering. Other losses, particularly intangible ones like […]

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5 Driving Tips to Remember in Orange County

Driving in California can be a bit overwhelming – the traffic congestion moves at a snail’s pace, one-way streets often going in the direction you don’t need to go, and sudden name changes on street signs make navigating the area difficult. Different rules exist for different counties. Although heavy traffic in California seems to be […]

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Texting & Driving Laws in Orange County

Negligent distracted drivers took at least 3,450 lives across the U.S. in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). By now, most states have recognized the seriousness of texting and driving and passed some form of distracted driving law. California is no exception. Although texting and driving is never a good idea, […]

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Can You Sue Caltrans for Damage Incurred on the Road?

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is in charge of keeping California’s roads safe, but sometimes unsafe road conditions can be at fault for car accidents or damage to your car. Proving Liability In many liability cases, there is a party who is clearly responsible for the incident. With damage from debris on the roads, […]

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Each year thousands of vehicle accidents occur in California. The owners of these vehicles then have to go through the unpleasant experience of working with auto body repair shops and insurance companies. The process can be unfair and costly to car owners if they do not know their rights. Consumer protection organizations and attorney associations […]

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Cada año ocurren miles de accidentes vehiculares en California. Los dueños de esos vehículos luego tienen que pasar por la desagradable experiencia de tratar con los talleres de reparación de carrocerías y con las compañías de seguro. El proceso puede ser injusto y costoso para los dueños de vehículos si no conocen sus derechos. Las […]

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