How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in My Car Accident Case?

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Posted By DAM Firm | April 26 2019 | Car Accidents

How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in My Car Accident Case?

When a negligent driver causes a car accident and injures another driver, the injured driver will likely pursue legal action to recover his or her losses. Some losses are easy to calculate, such as economic losses like medical bills and lost income from missed time from work while recovering. Other losses, particularly intangible ones like…

Posted By DAM Firm | April 19 2019 | Personal Injury

How to Detect Signs of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims effectively take the place of personal injury claims when victims do not survive their injuries. In some cases, a family may have grounds for a wrongful death claim without realizing it at first. When the cause of death is not immediately determinable, the family and friends of the deceased should fully investigate…

Posted By DAM Firm | April 12 2019 | Taxes on Workers Comp, Workers' Comp

How Does My Workers’ Compensation Settlement Affect My Tax Return?

Workers’ compensation benefits exist to provide relief to workers who suffer injuries in the workplace. Workers’ compensation can potentially help pay for immediate medical expenses and offset the economic impact of missing wages, but workers’ compensation may not fully cover the cost of a workplace injury. Some injured workers may wonder whether workers’ compensation benefits…

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