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Posted By DAM Firm | January 28 2016 | English

Workplace Ergonomics: Tips to Staying Healthy at the Office

Many jobs today require extensive periods of sitting and working in front of a screen. But studies show time and again just how bad this sedentary work arrangement is for our health. Humans were not meant to sit all day, but since most of us have to work for a living, we have to take…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 26 2016 | Spanish


Artículo 16-05   El intenso debate nacional sobre leyes de inmigración y la posible Reforma a la Ley de Inmigración es importante y necesario.  La Reforma Amplia de Inmigración con un proceso para que los inmigrantes indocumentados ganen la ciudadanía de EE.UU. tiene muchos simpatizantes y oponentes.  Aun los que apoyamos la Reforma Amplia de…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 26 2016 | English

Immigration Jail Deaths And Cover-Ups Must Be Punished

Article 16-05 ¡No Se Deje! The intense national debate about immigration law and possible Immigration Law Reform is important and necessary.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a process for earning U. S. citizenship by undocumented immigrants has many supporters and opponents.  Even those of us that support Comprehensive Immigration Reform understand that people have a right…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 21 2016 | English

United States vs. Europe: Differences in Workers’ Compensation Laws

The history of compensation for workers in the western world started in 19th century Europe with the advent of industrialization. Germany was the first to introduce a legal doctrine for employer liability, followed by Switzerland and England. The US didn’t enact its first workers’ compensation laws until the early 20th century. The last state to…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 20 2016 | Spanish


Artículo 16-04 Muchos inmigrantes llegan de países donde las leyes, y costumbres son diferentes a las leyes de Estados Unidos. Esto podría ser especialmente confuso en los casos que involucran relaciones sexuales con menores de edad. Los inmigrantes deberían asegurarse en conocer la ley que se les aplicará a ellos y a sus conductas, si…

Posted By DAM Firm | January 20 2016 | English

California Laws Against Unlawful Sexual Intercourse

Article 16-04 ¡No Se Deje! Many immigrants come from countries where the laws, customs, are significantly different from our Federal and State laws.  This can be especially confusing in cases involving sexual relations with a minor.  Immigrants should make sure to know the law that will be applied to them, and their conduct, if they…

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