How Long Does a Pedestrian Accident Settlement Take?

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Posted By DAM Firm | August 8 2021 | Personal Injury

How Long Does a Pedestrian Accident Settlement Take?

The last thing any person expects when they walk in or around the roadway is that they will be struck by a vehicle. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are not uncommon throughout California. If you or somebody you care about sustains a serious injury, you should be entitled to various types of compensation. However, securing this compensation…

Posted By DAM Firm | August 4 2021 | Personal Injury

Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right of Way?

Pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries, which is why the state of California and most municipalities have various laws in place to protect the safety of those walking on or around the roadway. However, do pedestrians always have the right of way?  Here, our Orange County personal injury attorneys look into right-of-way laws and…

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