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California Jaywalking Law

Jaywalking is a common term for a pedestrian crossing the street at a place that is not an intersection or crosswalk. Although California law does not specifically use the term jaywalking, it prohibits crossing the road at any place except in designated locations. If a vehicle strikes a jaywalking pedestrian, the pedestrian could be wholly […]

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What Is a Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher?

In the state of California, after an employee suffers on-the-job injuries it is up to the discretion of a doctor to determine if the worker requires any work restrictions or accommodations to return to work. The employer must consider these restrictions if the employee returns to work. In some cases, the employee is unable to […]

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What Is the Workers’ Compensation Medical Disclosure Act?

Workers’ compensation insurance is there to benefit workers injured on the job, but it can be complex and difficult to understand. This is especially true when your employer’s insurance company denies your claim. The intent of workers’ compensation laws is to support workers, but the job of an insurance company claims adjuster is to protect […]

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Understanding Labor Code 4850

California enacted Labor Code 4850 to benefit law enforcement officers, firefighters and other public safety/service employees in the event they suffer an injury while performing their duties. The labor code allows these workers to receive their full salaries for no more than one year within a five-year period from the date an on-the-job injury. The […]

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Can I File a Sexual Abuse Claim Without Telling My Family?

Survivors of sexual crimes have different needs for privacy. Some survivors want the counsel and support of their families, while others may not want their families informed or involved. At DiMarco Araujo Montevideo in Santa Ana, we provide compassionate, experienced representation and work with our clients to protect their privacy. Contact us today if you […]

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If I File a Sex Abuse Claim, Will My Name Be Public or Kept Private?

In addition to criminal prosecution, perpetrators of sexual crimes may be sued by their survivors in civil court for damages. However, embarrassment and exposure to public scrutiny can sometimes prevent survivors from filing claims against perpetrators of sexual abuse. Is it possible to keep your name private in a sexual abuse claim? Contact DiMarco Araujo […]

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What if my Independent Compensation Claim Is Against Clergy of Another Diocese or Religious Order?

Compensation is available under the Independent Compensation Program for survivors who were sexually abused as minors by a priest of certain Dioceses in Southern California. But what recourse do survivors have if the sexual abuse was committed by clergy of another Diocese or religious order? If you or your child is a survivor, contact DiMarco […]

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Receiving Compensation from the Independent Compensation Program

A number of instances have come to light of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests throughout the nation. If you or your child is a survivor of clerical sexual abuse in certain Southern California Dioceses, you may be entitled to file a claim with the Independent Compensation Program. Call DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo […]

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Filing a Claim with the Independent Compensation Program

Victims of sexual abuse by priests in certain Southern California Dioceses have the option to file a claim for compensation with the Independent Compensation Program, an independent program run by two nationally-recognized claims administrators. At DiMarco Araujo Montevideo in Santa Ana, we can help you explore your legal options. Speak with an experienced Orange County […]

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What Is the Independent Compensation Program?

Clerical child sexual abuse has led to numerous civil lawsuits filed by survivors against the Catholic Church in California. The Independent Compensation Program is a program independent of the Dioceses, administered by two nationally recognized administrators, who have complete autonomy to determine eligibility of individual claims and the amount of compensation for victims. It is […]

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