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Are Personal Injury Settlements Public Record?

Achieving a personal injury settlement after a serious accident in California could give you and your family immense financial relief. You may finally have the money to pay off medical debts, repair damaged property and get back on your feet. Protecting your privacy and preventing strangers from knowing you received a sizable settlement, however, can […]

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7 Ways to Support Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors

Child sexual abuse is alarmingly common. Roughly one in ten children are sexually abused at some point. This umbrella term includes both physical and verbal abuse. Both are equally harmful. Generally, sexual abuse is any act which degrades the victim in any way, and gratifies the abuser’s sexual appetites in any way. After hundreds of […]

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Types of Religious Sexual Abuse

Many psychologists say there are basically seven types of clergy sexual abuse. If you were a victim of such abuse, a clergy abuse attorney may be able to obtain both compensation and justice. The compensation in these cases usually includes money for economic losses, such as therapy expenses, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and […]

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What You Can Do to Help Prevent Clergy Abuse

While the power to stop sexual abuse lies with the people around the survivors, the power to obtain compensation lies with a priest abuse attorney. An experienced lawyer knows how to collect evidence in these cases, even if the abuse occurred years ago. Additionally, attorneys know how to use the law to protect people whether […]

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Types of Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

Most personal injury claims center on the legal theory of negligence. The broad definition of negligence is to act outside of one’s duties of care. Acting carelessly or recklessly could constitute negligence if the individual fails to uphold the accepted standards of care for the situation. If negligence causes injury or damage to another person, […]

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How to Report Clergy Sexual Abuse

Many sexual abuse survivors are understandably reluctant to come forward. Since the abuser was in a position of trust, many victims do not want the abuser to “get in trouble.” Others fear retaliation against themselves or others.  Still other cases involved delayed disclosure. The victim initially said there was no abuse, and later changes his […]

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What is Catholic Safe Environment Training?

When it comes to ending child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, policy and procedure statements, like the child protection policy, are an important step in the right direction. However, such documents only go so far.  Initiatives like the Safe Environment Coordinator program are an important additional step. The SEC is basically the point person […]

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Catholic Church Child Protection Policy

In 2004, largely in response to a Boston Globe expose on the subject, Church officials released the long-awaited Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. This 30-page document has been revised and updated several times, most recently in 2011. Sexual abuse incidents, and the associated cover-ups, have rocked the Catholic Church in recent […]

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Modern History of Clergy Abuse

Sexual abuse includes any words or actions which are designed to gratify the abuser’s desires at the expense of the survivor’s self-esteem. Such abuse is especially common in unequal relationships, like clergy-parishioner and teacher-student. Legally, the institution which employs the abuser is usually responsible for damages. In clergy abuse cases, the Catholic Church is usually […]

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What is Clergy Abuse?

Reports of large-scale child sexual abuse in Catholic churches, like the 1,300-page report issued by a Philadelphia grand jury in August 2018, dominate the clergy sexual abuse headlines. The allegations themselves are disturbing enough. Even worse, there is evidence that Church officials quietly condoned this type of activity for many, many years. Yet statistically, such […]

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