What Are The Health Risks Of Working Long Hours?

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What Are The Health Risks Of Working Long Hours?

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Posted By DAM Firm | May 14 2020 | Workers' Comp

Work injuries happen all the time and in numerous ways. When most people think of the causes of on the job injuries, they think of slips and falls, tool mishaps, or even repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. However, the risks of working long hours are tremendous, and both employees and employers need to know why this is dangerous. The team at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo is here to discuss why employers should rethink long work shifts.

Are There Risks to Working Long Hours?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), working long hours, along with extended and irregular shifts, can lead to fatigue as well as physical and mental stress for an employee.

While many workers have the benefit of enjoying weekends off, as well as rest and relaxation during vacations, some workers put in so many hours that it becomes a hazard to their health. There are various ways in which workers can sustain injuries or illnesses due to long working hours.

Fatigued Workers Make Mistakes

When a worker operates for long periods of time, it is inevitable that they will become fatigued. Tired workers are not generally going to be safe workers. They can make mistakes. According to OSHA, worker fatigue increases incidents of traumatic workplace injuries. Research indicates that working 12 or more hours per day is associated with a 37% increased risk of injuries. This can include an increased risk of workplace vehicle accidents, slip and fall incidents, tool mishaps, etc. Not only is this dangerous for a worker, but a fatigued employee becomes a danger to their coworkers as well.

Internal Health Illnesses

OSHA data indicates that fatigued workers have a higher risk of severe internal illnesses as well. This includes:

  • Heart disease
  • Stomach and digestive problems
  • Reproductive problems
  • Various types of cancers
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Worsening of existing chronic diseases such as diabetes and epilepsy

Much of this is caused by the way that stress impacts the internal workings of our bodies. Working long hours also leads to an inability of workers to maintain proper diets or get needed rest and exercise.

Mental Health Issues

Working long hours takes a toll on a person’s mental health. Those who continuously work long or irregular shifts have been found to have increased instances of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and more. Studies have indicated that long work hours can affect people who have existing mental health illnesses as well as those who have no previous mental health illness histories, indicating that working long hours may be a cause of these issues.

Will You Need an Attorney for This Case?

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