Hoverboards, the great escape from safety!

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Hoverboards, the great escape from safety!

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Posted By DAM Firm | February 1 2016 | English, Product Liability

Hoverboards have popped up as the new must have item for teens and young adults.  The board is sure to create inspiration, awe and dreams of what the future holds in regards to personal travel.  As the popularity of the board has overtaken the nation, it has also become a top concern for those who are riding and spectators alike as the board can spontaneously explode and catch fire.

There have been as many as 40 hoverboard fires across the U.S. with stories occurring in California, Louisiana, New York and Washington. The U. S. Government agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission, is currently investigating 13 hoverboard manufacturers, importers or distributors. They are:

– Smart Balance Wheel/One Stop Electronic Inc.

– Smart Balance Wheel Scooter/Glide Boards
– Hover-way Hands-Free Electric/Digital Gadgets LLC
– Swagway Hands-Free Smart Board/Swagway LLC
– Smart Balance Board/I Lean Hoverboards
– E-Rover-Mini Smart Balance Scooter/LeCam Technology
– Smart Balance Wheels/Kateeskitty
– Hoverboard360.com
– iMOTO/Keenford Limited
– Smart Balance Wheel/Luxiyan and
– Uwheels
– E-Rover Smart Balance Wheel

These boards are made with similar batteries used in our smartphones, laptops and cars. The use of poor quality lithium-ion batteries in these boards have led to them being banned from major airlines due to the potential fire hazard.

In recent development, Swagway, a hoverboard producer, is embroiled in concerns that it has misrepresenting the use of its Underwriters Laborites (UL) certification for use of its battery packs in the hoverboards.  Even though they use UL certified battery packs the entire hoverboard system is not UL certified.

While Amazon still has hoverboards available for sale on their website, it offers a full refund for those that wish to return the boards that were purchased. In order to process your refund  please contact Amazon customer service.

Now that the dangers of hoverboards have been made clear, understanding what your rights are and what to do should you experience such an event is the next step to exercising your rights.

Seeking an experienced product liability attorney can maximize your recovery.  Your attorney will establish negligence, show that a duty of care and standard of care were ignored and were the resulting cause for your injuries.  You deserve the full and proper medical treatment while in recovery.  Several parties may be responsible for your damages and an attorney can make sure all involved parties are held responsible.  Never pay for a consultation, great attorneys will happily evaluate your case for free.

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