The Most Overlooked Industrial Injuries and Hazards

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The Most Overlooked Industrial Injuries and Hazards

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Posted By DAM Firm | August 18 2015 | Uncategorized

Without knowledge of what to avoid and how to protect yourself, almost any job can be dangerous. The attorneys at DiMarco, Araujo, and Montevideo see Orange County residents with work injuries every day. The better you know what hazards might crop up at work, the more the DAM Law Firm can help you avoid injury.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are often overlooked because they’re so common. Most of them don’t result in workers’ compensation cases, but some are severe enough to warrant worker’s comp and temporary absence from work. In extreme cases, slips and falls can result in permanent disability and job loss.

Workers whose jobs involve high elevations are especially at risk. These include construction workers, warehouse employees, cable installers, and electricians. However, plenty of employees slip or fall without being on a high level. Workers should be vigilant if their jobs involve liquids or chemicals, as these can easily spill on the floor and cause falls. Additionally, employees should make sure they always wear appropriate shoes to work and watch out for potential obstructions.

Muscle Strain, Tearing, Sprains, or Broken Bones

Again, these injuries are so common in the workforce so they aren’t seen as serious. They can become serious quickly, though, especially for middle-aged or senior employees. A variety of jobs can cause muscle strain – even desk jobs. Sitting at a computer for several hours a day may cause back and neck strains, pulls, or tears, especially if the worker doesn’t have good posture.

Any job involving heavy lifting puts employees at risks for tears and sprains, particularly in the lower back, shoulders, and upper body. Broken bones are common in jobs involving carrying heavy loads from one level to the next or from overusing one group of muscles. For example, people who work in landscaping or construction often overuse back muscles when lifting or digging. Workers should check their posture often, follow safety guidelines when lifting, and be cognizant of the weight they carry.

Traffic Accidents

People in the heavy haul or transportation industries are at particular risk for car accidents, which can result in severe physical injuries and emotional distress. The best way employees in Orange County can protect themselves is by being cognizant of statistics and laws. For instance, California’s traffic fatality rates increased 1.5% in 2012, and motorcycle fatalities increased 4.6%.
To stay safe on the road, employees should never use cell phones, text, or email while driving. Employees should not travel for work with a child or teen in the vehicle, and they should always obey seat belt laws. Employees should never drink or use drugs on the job; 29% of the fatal car crashes occurring in 2010 alone involved a drunk driver.

Being Caught in a Machine

Machine-based jobs are some of the most essential in our entire economy. Construction, heavy hauling, demolition, auto repair, and dozens of other industries all use heavy machinery for several tasks. Unfortunately, this puts more workers at risk for permanent and severe injuries from machines. Workers can have digits or entire hands or feet pulled into a machine by accident, or machines can run them over on job sites.

Workers who don’t wear safety equipment or leave their machines unattended are more likely to be killed because of a machine or heavy vehicle. Every employee who works with heavy vehicles or machinery should be fully licensed before entering the field and be tested periodically throughout their careers. Additionally, machines should never be left unattended, and workers should always wear proper safety gear around machinery. Employees working with machinery should undergo periodic drug testing, and no one under the influence of drugs or alcohol should operate machinery.

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