What Are The Odds Of Getting In A Motorcycle Accident in California?

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What Are The Odds Of Getting In A Motorcycle Accident in California?

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Posted By DAM Firm | October 11 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury

Do all motorcyclists get into accidents at some point during their driving career? That is not necessarily the case. However, motorcycle accidents do occur in California, and they are often caused by the careless or negligent actions of other drivers on the roadway. Our Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys handle these types of claims regularly. Here, we want to discuss the odds of getting into a motorcycle accident when you hit the roadway to enjoy the scenery and the joy of riding these vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics In California

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in California

When we examine data available from the California Office of Traffic Safety, we can see that California has more than 870,000 total registered motorcycles across the state. This is more than any other state in the country.

We can also see that there were nearly 13,000 total motorcyclist injuries across the state during the latest reporting year. During that same year, 474 motorcyclists lost their lives.

California typically has more motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities than any other state in any given year. However, we also have more drivers than any other state, so this data needs to be put in that context. The California OTS shows that there were 63.56 total motorcyclist fatalities per 100,000 motorcycle registrations in the state during the most recent reporting year we have on file.

Motorcyclists Take Risks Every Time They Start Their Bike

When a motorcyclist gets on the back of their bike and heads out for a drive, they are taking a risk. Just like drivers and passengers in any other type of vehicle, there is no such thing as a risk-free operating environment. The reality is that motorcyclists face more risks than those inside traditional passenger cars. A motorcyclist does not have any metal frame surrounding them, they have no airbags, and they have no seatbelts.

When a motorcyclist collides with any other type of vehicle on the roadway, their chances of sustaining an injury increase. Even when a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet, they have no protection from the force of a vehicle slamming into them, and they have no protection from an impact with the ground.

When a motorcycle collides with a vehicle, it is not uncommon for a motorcyclist to sustain the following types of injuries:

There are certain factors that increase the risks that motorcyclists face on the roadways. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Drivers distracted by phones or other devices
  • Operating too fast for conditions
  • Debris on the roadway
  • Inadequately maintained roadways
  • Drivers passing a motorcyclist too closely
  • Tailgating a motorcyclist

Increasing Safety on the Roadway

Anytime a motorcyclist heads out on the roadway, they know that there are risks involved. However, motorcyclists can reduce the chances of getting into a crash if they practice defensive driving. Motorcyclists have to be more vigilant than others on the roadway. Even though this may not be fair, every motorcyclist knows this is the case.

Motorcyclists should wear helmets as well as other protective gear. When riding during the evening or nighttime hours, a motorcyclist and their passengers should wear brightly colored or reflective clothing. Motorcyclists should always ensure that their vehicles are in good working order before each trip.

When motorcyclists understand that they are more vulnerable than others on the roadway, they are better able to prepare for any type of situation they may encounter.

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