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What if My Independent Compensation Claim Is Against Clergy of Another Diocese?

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Posted By DAM Firm | June 24 2019 | Clergy Abuse

Compensation is available under the Independent Compensation Program for survivors who were sexually abused as minors by a priest of certain Dioceses in Southern California. But what recourse do survivors have if the sexual abuse was committed by clergy of another Diocese or religious order? If you or your child is a survivor, contact DiMarco Araujo Montevideo in Santa Ana today. We can advise you of your options under the law.

Who Is Eligible for Compensation Under the Independent Compensation Program?

The Independent Compensation Program was established to acknowledge wrongs endured by survivors of clerical sexual child abuse committed by priests of the:

No other survivors of sexual abuse of minors committed by Catholic priests, or by clergy of any other religious order, are eligible for compensation under this program.

What Happens If the Abuse Was Committed by Clergy of Another Diocese or Religious Order?

If you file a claim with the Independent Compensation Program involving sexual abuse of a minor by a priest of another Diocese or clergy of another religious order, the program will forward your claim to the appropriate diocese or religious order for handling according to their own policies and procedures for responding to allegations of abuse. If such is the case, the program will inform you as to where your claim has been forwarded. You are also encouraged to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

How Can an Attorney Help If You Are Not Eligible Under the Independent Compensation Program?

If you are eligible for compensation under a program established by another Diocese or religious order, our experienced personal injury attorneys can guide you through the claims process, ensure all the paperwork is in order and documentation is provided, and advise you as to whether the compensation offered is just and fair. If litigation is your best option, we can represent you in a civil lawsuit for damages against the responsible party.

What Damages Are Available In a Civil Claim for Clerical Sexual Abuse?

Thousands of people nationwide have reported being abused by a priest or church official. In a civil personal injury claim for sexual abuse of a minor, you may be entitled to damages that may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatment and therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability
  • Lost earnings
  • Lost time with family

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Being sexually abused as a child by a priest or member of the clergy can have an impact on your entire future. If you have suffered clerical sexual abuse as a minor, you deserve to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries. Call DiMarco Araujo Montevideo as soon as possible. Our Orange County personal injury lawyers are tough advocates for clerical sexual abuse survivors.

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